Virtual Offices Signal Growth in IT Sector

January 17, 2012 | British Columbia

For students enrolled in CDI College's range of computer networking courses, the employment market looks bright. According to The Vancouver Sun, increasing numbers of professionals are turning their backs on traditional office-based interactions with their clients in favour of virtual solutions to client interaction.

Samantha Ferguson, a lawyer from Surrey, British Columbia, interacts with clients from the U.S. through her virtual home office. Video conferencing technology, instant messaging and email allow Ferguson to handle her cases from the comfort of her own home, without the necessity of extensive business travel.

"We do everything a regular law firm does, but pre-dominantly through the use of technology," Ferguson told the Sun. "I spoke with a client this morning from Texas and he's never met with me at all in person. And in this economy, it's a huge benefit."

Such applications of technology are becoming increasingly common in today's business environments. Under the hood, many of the tools used by professionals to communicate with clients remotely rely on sophisticated computer networks, providing employment opportunities for students with a sound knowledge of networking.

Canada's telecommunications industry has seen significant growth in recent years. George Cope, CEO of Bell Canada Enterprises, recently told CBC News that the Canadian telecom and wireless networking industry was a world leader in technological innovation.

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