Victoria Region Boosts Jobs in Tech Industry

February 2, 2012 | British Columbia

High-tech companies are contributing to the decline in unemployment rates in the Greater Victoria region, according to the Vancouver Sun. One company, Edoc Systems Group, has contributed to the increase of jobs in the district after hiring 10 employees last year and intends to continue new employment in the coming months.

The scientific and technical service sectors are two of the major industries that have shown the highest employment growth year after year. Last year, the combined categories created a total of 3,700 new jobs, bringing the total number of science and technical employees to 13,700.

Edoc president Bill Reid shared his confidence in the company's expansion in the Vancouver Sun in January. "I really don't see us stopping at all - we have got a pretty good foothold in the market," he stated. At Edoc, most of the new hires are working in customer support and computer programming.

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