Tradition Goes Out the Window for Today's Event Caterers

April 16, 2010 | British Columbia

Food is often the most important part of an event

Richmond, BC - April 16, 2010 - There are generally two things that generate the most water cooler chatter in an office after an event: Was it fun? And was the event food any good. As important as the smaller details are to the overall ambience of an event, the success usually boils down to the specific elements that a guest will take home and talk about for days after.

Event Food Service Options

There are several options to consider when choosing the type and serving style of the food to be presented for an event. Weddings tend to be catered affairs that are either buffet or sit-down. Because the timing of the reception usually falls around dinner time, the food service at a wedding requires a bit more structure and formality.  

Other events such as fundraisers, launch parties and holiday soirees will often only require passed hor d'oeuvres, possibly interspersed with buffet-style food stations. When an event planner is working with a client to decide how the food will be presented, they need to keep in mind the timing, location and formality of the event. These points will help to make the final decision with the caterer or the vendors providing the food and beverages. 

Choosing the Event Menu

The exciting part about event planning, especially in these times when traditions are constantly being re-written, is choosing the type of food to be served.  Caterers will often be happy to work with their menu to enhance an event's particular theme. Another option is to consult several food vendors to provide different parts of the meal. This option works well with fundraisers or even summer affairs, when vendors enjoy the chance to "show their wares". Whichever option the planner chooses for the event, they always must ensure that the vendor or caterer is fully insured, and provides their papers prior to the big event. 

Word of Mouth Marketing

If a guest is still dreaming about the amazing taste-explosion that occurred after biting into a particularly sensational cupcake at an event, chances are, they'll be spreading the word to anyone who will listen. Positive word of mouth marketing is truly the best way to spread the good word about a successful event. 

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