Top Trends in Healthcare, Medicine and Pharmaceuticals

May 10, 2010 | British Columbia

Emerging trends keep healthcare professionals on their toes

Vancouver, BC - May 10, 2010 - Students enrolled in healthcare programs will soon be taking part in the emerging trends in the healthcare industry and will play an important role in guiding patients through these developments.

Medical Records

Greater access to information is one of the key trends in the healthcare industry today, which includes improved recordkeeping and faster retrieval of patient records. This includes online records and patients carrying their own information. Both patients and healthcare professionals may soon have 24/7 access to full medical records allowing for more comprehensive diagnosis.

Healthcare Technologies

Another trend is the development of remote patient monitoring and remote wireless communications. This development has been driven by the rising numbers of citizens who are nearing their senior years. Those who are 60+ are living longer and requiring more home-based care including monitoring, diagnosis and treatment.  For example, sensory mats in beds in some resident care homes already send alerts to designated sites when a patient's temperature changes drastically or the bed is vacated for a long period of time. Advancements of this technology may provide for home usage and an increase in the scope of what the sensory mat detects. With these types of technological advancements in the healthcare community, more well-trained professionals will be needed to monitor patient data and respond to the health needs of the patient as well.

Individual Healthcare

Finally, healthcare professionals are already turning to more individualized treatment with customized diagnosis which allows for more personalized care. For example, customized diets to reduce the risks of heart disease may be prescribed alongside drugs tailored to a patient's specific genetic makeup.

Students who enjoy working with people can rest assured that no matter what the trends, the personal connection that comes from helping people will always be a cornerstone of the healthcare industry.

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