Top Reasons People Become Social Services Workers

June 8, 2021 | British Columbia

Have you considered becoming a social services worker? If you’re driven to help people, this could be the right career for you. These professionals provide support and resources to individuals and groups who face difficulties in society.

Picking a new career path is challenging. It’s important to understand the field so you can make a decision that suits you best. To help with that, here are some benefits of becoming a social services worker.

Working with People

Are you at your best when you’re around people? As a social services worker, you’ll interact with clients every day to ensure they get the support they need. This includes groups such as youth, people affected by addiction, and more.

Variety of Settings

Social services workers find employment in many settings. You might work in a group home, shelter, social services agency, or school program. Or you might work in a mental health centre, crisis line, or child care referral.

Work You Care About

What cause inspires you most? There’s a good chance you can find work in that area as a social services worker. Trained professionals address issues related to mental health, disability, addiction, homelessness, and more.

Flexible Career Path

If you want options, this career could be a good fit. Social services workers are able to practice anywhere in the country. If your long-term goal is to advance your career, there’s potential to move into supervisory roles. With further education, you could become a social worker, counsellor, or parole officer.

Job-Ready Training

If this career sounds like a good fit, you can train in the Social Services Worker - Professional program at CDI College. In just over a year of training, you can gain the skills to enter this field. To learn more, fill out the REQUEST INFO form.

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