Tech Entrepreneurs to Receive Boost From Trillium Foundation

January 11, 2012 | British Columbia

Ontario-based Information Technology professionals looking to start their own businesses may be eligible for grants to help get their ventures off the ground. The Vancouver Sun reports that the WETech Alliance will use a $95,000 grant funded through the Trillium Foundation to enable technology entrepreneurs to launch their own commercial enterprises during the next three years. Around 18 technology start-up companies will benefit from the initiative.

In addition to enabling forward-thinking technology professionals to start their own ventures, officials in Ontario hope the new initiative will further encourage growth in employment opportunities in the province, which could drive demand for qualified networking professionals.

The grant program operated by the WETech Alliance is just one example of how Ontario is investing in its future through technology. The Ontario Emerging Technology Fund is a similar venture that aims to increase employment opportunities through the expansion of technology companies in the province.

Ontario is leading the way in several key technological industries, including clean energy, life sciences and advanced healthcare - all of which rely on networking professionals to maintain the complex computing infrastructure necessary for such ventures to operate.

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