Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

March 3, 2010 | British Columbia

Steering clients towards unique ideas just part of the job

Vancouver, BC - March 3, 2010 - Your client has found their dress, borrowed a friend's strand of pearls, and painted the soles of her white shoes blue. But if the thought of using the same tissue that blotted away the happy tears shed by her grandmother on her wedding day doesn't appeal to the bride, there are other ways to incorporate the traditional wedding custom of "something old" into the couple's own wedding.

The beauty of event planning is getting the opportunity to think outside the box. With this idea though, you may find that your inspiration can actually be found IN a box - the memory box of your client's parents or grandparents, to be exact!

If your bride and groom enjoy incorporating unique ideas into their wedding, you might suggest that they make a house call to their loved ones. Over a freshly-brewed pot of tea, they can dust of the memory box, and take advantage of some bonding time with their family by letting them reminisce about the events surrounding their own big day.

The stock invitations or thank you cards lining the shelves at Hallmark might not appeal to the couple, but perhaps the pastel hues and cursive writing of their parents wedding invitation will. Inquire with fellow event planners or research local printers and find one that will work with you and your client to create a modern twist on this sentimental item. Remember, vintage never goes out of style! 

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