Practical Nursing Career an Inspired Choice for CDI College Graduate

May 23, 2012 | British Columbia

Personal experience with nurses motivates grad to pursue a career in healthcare

Surrey, BC – May 23, 2012 – While some people may struggle with choosing a career, those who become practical nurses seem to be inspired to pursue this path. For recent CDI College grad Richard Jepson, seeing nurses in action motivated him to become a practical nurse.

Richard talks about becoming a practical nurse on CDI College’s YouTube channel. During a stay in the hospital, he was able to see first-hand how nurses helped their patients. It was then that “something clicked” and he knew that he wanted a career helping people.

“I went through a lot of hard times where I ended up in and out of the hospital,” says Richard. “ I saw what nurses did and how they made people feel. And, I realized that was something that I enjoy doing too.”

Once he was ready, Richard applied to the Practical Nursing program at CDI College’s campus in Surrey. He was confident that the training would put him on the path toward the career he wanted. He soon realized that he benefited from the combination of theoretical learning, lectures and practical experiences.

“I’m a tactical learner. I need to be doing something to help me learn it,” he says. “It’s good to have book learning and listening to teachers lecture. Applying all three styles helps people learn better. It certainly helped me.”

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