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November 9, 2010 | British Columbia

A paralegal association can be a great place to network with others in your profession

Surrey, BC - November 9, 2010 - As a paralegal, you may find yourself part of one or many associations made up of other paralegals and law professionals. Memberships in these groups serve not only for socialization, but for keeping up with current trends in your profession, sharing ideas and thoughts regarding job productivity and networking for future job opportunities.

Paralegal Associations in Canada

Law Society of Upper Canada:  Regulates those in the legal profession, including attorneys, legal assistants and paralegals. Also offers public services like the Lawyer Referral Service and supports services such as Pro Bono Law Ontario and the Law Commission of Ontario. Law Society of Upper Canada also provides a Resource Centre and Great Library.

Canadian Association of Paralegals: Is a paralegal association that has over 600 members across Canada and provides services and resources for employment opportunities, scholarships and events and conventions for paralegals in Canada.

BC Paralegal Association: A volunteer run non-profit paralegal association for those in the paralegal profession in BC and Canada which promotes continuing education, professional development services for paralegals. The BC Paralegal Association also provides information regarding the current trends and bursaries to students of paralegal programs, including those a CDI College, and publishes the Paralegal Press newsletter.

Paralegal in Canada

Those employed as a paralegal in Canada will probably become better acquainted with the organizations that their particular workplace is affiliated with. They serve as a great resource for getting to know others in your profession.  

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