New Technology Programs at CDI College in BC

May 31, 2011 | British Columbia

Four new programs include preparation for industry certification exams for the tech field

Vancouver, BC - May 31, 2011 - CDI College is adding a new computer technology program to its School of Technology, making the Network Systems Administrator diploma program the fourth component of CDI College’s unique networking suite.

This new program features both practical and theoretical training in computer network installation, maintenance and management, preparing graduates for positions in Canada’s growing tech sector. According to BC Work Futures, employment prospects for computer network-related careers are very good. They project that 800-plus new jobs will become available by 2015 and almost 400 positions created by retirements within the field in the same time frame.

“British Columbia is becoming more and more well-known for technology and innovation. The province is home to a number of technology-focused companies, and businesses across the country are always in need of knowledgeable, hard-working tech specialists,” says Dr. Bohdan Bilan, VP of Academics for CDI College. “Graduates of these programs will enter this exciting industry equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to jump into the workforce.”

CDI College offers a suite of four technology-based programs in BC that give students the possibility of building their knowledge base one step at a time. The Computer Support Technician is a 24-week program for students interested in learning about system support and help desk techniques through the Windows operating system. The Network Systems Administrator program prepares students for multiple professional certifications through Cisco and Microsoft in a 45-week program. The Network Systems Engineer program teaches students how to install, configure and upgrade networks in a client environment while also preparing them for examinations in seven technology certification areas over a 57-week timeline. The Network and Database Administrator is a 60-week program based on Microsoft, CompTIA and Cisco certifications, allowing graduates to gain recognition as information technology experts in the field.

Each program builds on the last and prepares students to write numerous external certification exams that will look great on any resume. CDI College is currently accepting applications for all of its technology programs, including the Network Systems Administrator program.

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