Marketing Tips for a Successful Event

April 7, 2010 | British Columbia

Event planning courses help to create event marketing strategies

Richmond, BC - April 7, 2010 - Gone are the days when snail mail or tacking flyers up on poles was virtually the only way to market an upcoming event. This is good news for event planners and their clients, as the emergence of an array of social media choices helps get the word out faster and to a larger audience, often at prices that are easy on the budget. 

Event Marketing Research

Before deciding on the method of marketing an event planner will use, it's important to do some research - find out who the target market should be, where the event will be held, what kind of event it is and how many guests will be needed to ensure the event is successful. If the event is a CD release party for an up and coming new band, it might not make sense to simply depend on a customer list or a Facebook group, as they may wish to get the word out to a broader audience.

Cheap and Creative Event Marketing Tips:

  • Twitter - Start by following local or influential accounts and tweet the heck out of the event! Soon, a favourable domino-effect will hopefully take place and the work will get done on its own as interested followers spread the word through their own tweets.
  • LinkedIn - A useful tool when marketing an event to a specific network.
  • Facebook- Also a useful platform for getting word out to a specific network of people. It also allows for a bit of creativity with the design and wording of the invitation or group. 
  • Local Bloggers - The audience of bloggers are growing and many are very influential with their readers. Find out which ones focus on spreading the word about local events and schedule a time to meet with them in person or over the phone to discuss the event in more detail.  Don't forget to invite the blogger to your event as well! 
  • Newspapers - Placing an ad can often be a bit pricey but it helps get the word out to potential guests who may not be entirely technologically savvy.
  • - Software that will also look after the registration process of the event.

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