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September 7, 2010 | British Columbia

Jobs for LPNs are not limited to hospitals and long-term care facilities

Surrey, BC - September 6, 2010 - Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are in high demand in the Canadian healthcare system. If you're thinking of a nursing career, there are lots of LPN jobs available right now. This is a perfect tim­e to get LPN training. Take LPN courses at CDI College and begin your new career now.

Nursing Jobs for LPNs

The general impression of LPNs is that they work in long-term care facilities or nursing homes. While this is true to a point, many LPNs work in other areas of health care.  Check out the LPN Cafe for more information.  Get a sneak peak at where you could be working and view current LPN Jobs.

LPN Jobs in Research

Undeniably, researchers often look for RNs, particularly those with BSNs, for research assistant jobs. LPNs are hired to help monitor people who are participating in studies. These are facilities where the study subjects stay overnight. They are given the study drugs, and have blood and urine samples taken for analysis. If this sounds interesting to you, take an LPN program and become qualified to take part in exciting research projects.

LPNs Working in the Community

LPNs are also a vital part of community healthcare. Their hands-on experience makes them a valuable asset to official and private agencies within communities. Private home cases are also an option for LPNs, where they work with one patient for the duration of a contract. Sometimes, travel nurses are hired to accompany clients, ensuring that they continue to receive nursing care wherever they are. 

Hands-On Nursing Training

Clinics can be interesting places to work because of the constant turnover of patients or clients. In some cases, they may request that nurses be RNs, but in many, LPNs are welcome. Making the transition from LPN to RN is easier than you think. Subscribe to our RSS feed of Healthcare News and don't miss our upcoming article about LPN to RN.

CDI College understands the demand for healthcare professionals in the community and has a Vancouver college campus, a Surrey college campus and a Richmond college campus that all offer the Practical Nursing program. Complete this easy online college application if you are interested in pursuing a career as an LPN. Other healthcare professions that may be of interest include the Healthcare Assistant, Healthcare Aide or Health, Assistance and Nursing program.

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