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October 26, 2010 | British Columbia

Consumer law is just one avenue that legal assistants can pursue

Richmond, BC - October 26, 2010 - Legal assistants and paralegals assist businesses and law offices in many fields of law which can range anywhere from family law to criminal law. Another field of law that legal assistants may work in and become involved with is consumer law. Consumer law protects consumer rights and is designed to prevent businesses from engaging in fraud or unfair practices.

Legal Assistant Jobs in Consumer Law

The types of legal assistant jobs and cases that are involved in consumer law may include the following:

Product Safety: Regulation of laws that govern product safety and product recalls. This can involve cars and baby products. Recalls on cold medicine in October 2010 would also be included in consumer law. Products are required to pass safety tests and comply with safety standards.

Labeling: Consumer law affects product labels as well. Labels and claims are required to be evaluated and nutritional information that is listed on food and products must include information regarding the manufacturer, where it was manufactured and contact information.

Consumer Credit: Covers credit card disclosures on statements and contracts for loans and ensures that cardholders are informed about credit issues.

Product Warranties: Consumer law also covers product warranties, service agreements and return policies on products.

Fair Debt Collection: Fair debt collection and debt collectors must also follow guidelines and rules of consumer law.

Consumer Law Office Assistant

Legal assistants that are interested in working as a law office assistant that practices consumer law will work on these types of matters as well as many others. It's possible for one law office to practice many types of law so it's beneficial for legal assistants and paralegals to be familiar with consumer law, even if it isn't what they plan on focusing on during their career.

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