iPad Functionality Makes the Workplace Run Smoother

September 7, 2011 | British Columbia

Learning on an iPad will help prepare CDI College grads for their new, fast-paced careers

Surrey, BC
– September 7, 2011 - It’s no coincidence that many tech-savvy offices have adopted iPads into their workplace. As early adopters of the technology, many companies see the benefit of providing a tool that allows their staff to be more mobile, and more efficiently do their jobs.

The iPad is compact and portable making it an ideal alternative to laptops or other bulky computer systems. A service technician can walk from station to station with an iPad getting updates on items that require troubleshooting. The instant access to files and information means that workers do not spend time waiting for information to load or a system to install - the iPad has all the information at the touch of a screen.

The iPad has also enabled some companies to adopt a more flexible work environment, since emails, contacts, calendars and other business resource information can be shared between managers, board members and all staff. For example, all board resource manuals, minutes, and committee agenda items can be transferred to iPads, ensuring all board members are ready for monthly meetings, no matter where they are. The process saves time, paper and money, and ensures continuity of information for each board member.

As with every technology, the power of the iPad is only as good as the people who adopt the product and harness its functionality. The iPad opens doors to creativity and new ways to do business, just like at CDI College where students are using iPads in their day to day studies. Graduates will be well-versed in the technology and will be able to bring these skills to their new careers.

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