Interested in Coding? Career College May Be Your Best Option

August 26, 2021 | British Columbia

The tides are changing for people seeking education for a career in the tech industry. People can break out in the industry without a traditional four-year degree. This recent Maclean’s article explains it all.


University is still the best option for those who already know they want to dive headfirst into coding and development. For others who have no previous experience and want to try it out, boot camps are a great option. For those who are highly motivated and can keep themselves accountable, online, self-directed courses are an alternative. Finally, for people who don’t have four years to spend, are serious about a career in coding and development, and need more support than what is offered from a boot camp, a career college is the right place to start.


Students get the best of both worlds at a career college because programs are usually under two years long. Career college grads can get a foot in the door as a developer quickly and with the right portfolio. After graduation, there’s an opportunity to continue learning as well.

CDI College offers programs that teach coding, both in person and online. Click on the links below to learn more.

The benefits of attending CDI College are endless. Students are able to:

  • Get one-on-one time with instructors to get the support you need to learn well
  • Work on projects to build an industry-relevant portfolio to show potential employers
  • Ask staff and instructors for help with accountability to keep on track of both projects and overall career progression

If the above describes you, contact an admissions representative today about starting your career in technology.

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