Interested in Becoming a Computer Programmer?

March 29, 2010 | British Columbia

Those interested in a career as a computer programmer can benefit from training at a technology college like CDI College

Surrey, BC - March 29, 2010 - Are you interested in becoming a computer programmer but worried that you'll spend all day in front of a computer alone? For those interested in a career as a computer programmer, this is no longer the MO of the job. Today, computer programmers interact with a wide variety of individuals and those with the best communication skills - including the ability to work well within a team and one-on-one with clients - are the most sought after applicants to be hired. 

Besides verbal communication skills, a computer programmer should also have competent written communication skills as there may be times when they will be called upon to write reports and/or to clarify technical ideas.

Computer Programmer Skills to Gain at a Technology College

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills: Computer programmers must have the ability to evaluate and determine the best solutions to sometimes complex problems. 

Technical Skills: Traditional expertise in computer programming is a must to be successful in this field. Some of the popular computer programmer languages include: .net, Perl, PHP, Java, C++ and others.

Learning Skills: A computer programmer must have the ability to commit themselves to learning as the computer programming field is constantly changing. Programming professionals are always upgrading their skills so that they can work at an optimal level.

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