Healthcare Students Join Forces to Share Knowledge at CDI College

March 19, 2013 | British Columbia

Students from Practical Nursing, Rehabilitation Assistant and Health Career Assistant programs attend specialized workshop

Surrey, BC – March 19, 2013 – Hands on training at CDI College is an integral part of all programs, and helps students to get a real feel for what their new careers will be like. At our campus in Surrey, healthcare students are getting the chance to take those skills to the next level with the Healthcare Interdisciplinary Team (HIT). 

The objective of HIT is to familiarize each student with some key principles, philosophies and terminologies common to their healthcare disciplines. Many healthcare professionals will have to work with one another on the job, and HIT helps students from many healthcare programs including Practical Nursing, Rehabilitation Assistant and Health Care Assistant, develop the communication and teamwork skills necessary to make these partnerships successful.

HIT also exposes students to the strengths and knowledge base of instructors that they would not typically work with. Through a series of workshops and lectures, students familiarize themselves with important subject matter and have the opportunity to get feedback not only from their own instructor and classmates, but other healthcare instructors and students.

The most recent HIT presentation was put on by McDonald’s Pharmacy on the topic of Compression Therapy and was well-received by all students.

“The seminar was engaging, funny and interesting.  I actually liked how it applied to everyone, not just patients with clotting problems. I learned how athletes use compression equipment as well. Very fun for learning different aspects of patient care,” said Dale O., a Practical Nursing student. 

It’s initiatives like HIT that make CDI College different. The everyday interaction with instructors and classmates makes learning easier and a lot more fun.

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