Green-Themed Corporate Events

March 24, 2010 | British Columbia

Event planners have opportunity to weave environmentally-friendly activities into corporate events

Vancouver, BC - March 24, 2010 - St. Patrick's Day may have already come and gone but the green theme is always on trend. Bringing awareness to the phrase "clean, green, and lean" in the form of a fun corporate event is easier than it sounds! Many companies like to stick to the same annual event recipe of golf tournaments, formal luncheons or corporate galas, but with a little encouragement from their event coordinator, they might be happy to incorporate a unique green-themed experience into the mix.

An event planner can suggest events like Tree Planting parties or Community Garden cleanups that merge the benefits of reducing a company's carbon footprint while creating a unique bonding experience for employees.

The event coordinator should research locations that are close to the employer's office, as transportation requirements might have to be included in the overall budget. If the farm or garden is not situated on a public transit route, renting a bus might be an easier option for the employees. 

The event can be extended into a full day affair by rewarding the employees' laborious efforts with a BBQ or catered lunch. Sending participants away with a keepsake to remember the occasion by is also a nice touch! Little saplings wrapped in burlap or potted plants to dress up their desks are both environmentally friendly and easy on the eyes!

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