Grand Corporate Events on a Small Budget

March 17, 2010 | British Columbia

Cut costs, not the experience

Vancouver, BC - March 17, 2010 - With a bank roll bigger than most can imagine, even The Donald looks for ways to cut costs while still maintaining an air of grandeur when throwing a corporate event. With the economic downturn still having an effect on the wallets of corporate and private clients, it's beneficial for event coordinators to have a few handy money-saving tips under their belt. 

Working with a small budget doesn't mean hiring a fast food chain as the caterer or recycling old Halloween decorations for a spring event. With a little creativity and these quick tips, anyone can shave off a few dollars off a budget, no matter what type of event is being planned:

  1. Schedule the corporate event during the day. Catering costs for a lunch menu tend to be a bit smaller and the liquor consumption for a day function can often be cut in half.

  2. Get creative with decorative additions. Don't underestimate the power of dramatic event lighting and simple designs. Candles and paper lanterns are "classy on the cheap" and floral arrangements filled with blooms in season can easily cut costs but not the experience.

  3. Hold the event in a restaurant. These venues can often be found at different price points and may also add a bit of a fun factor, especially if an interesting ethnic or themed location is chosen.

Using these event ideas will ensure that the issue of a smaller budget will stay behind closed doors. As far as the guests are concerned, their pencils will be poised to add the next corporate event to their calendar!

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