Get Involved by Volunteering in Vancouver

October 15, 2012 | British Columbia

Students who dream of working in the healthcare sector can get a head start on career experience through volunteer work. A number of healthcare programs geared toward providing support for youth in need, individuals with addictions and others within the community are available at CDI College, and when students are not studying or listening to lectures, they can sign up to become a part of the Vancouver Volunteer Corps.

How to Join
To become a part of this organization, volunteers must meet a few simple guidelines. First, they must be over 18 years old and live or work in the Vancouver area. Communication skills and a passion for helping others are also essential. The last two are necessities for students enrolled in healthcare courses.

There are a few minor commitments. A free training session organized by city officials, as well as a briefing session before each volunteer event is required in order to qualify for these opportunities. Once students have completed these duties, they can start searching for events that interest them and build up their experience.

Support the Elderly
The BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support is on the hunt for passionate fundraiser volunteers this fall. The facility is situated in the heart of Vancouver and asks for a 10-hour commitment per month. Students who are currently enrolled in healthcare courses can balance their school assignments and responsibilities with this additional commitment. The selected volunteers will meet with staff to talk about fundraising ideas and contact potential donors about supporting their advocacy group. The experience can help students understand the business side of nonprofit work and give them some professional background before they begin to apply for full-time jobs.

Coach Vancouver's Youth
Another fun volunteer opportunity in the city is with PLEA Community Services Society's KidStart Program. The group is looking for Kid Coaches who mentor at-risk children, providing their time and friendship to these young kids who might be going through difficult times in their lives. The commitment involves three hours of engagement each week, and volunteers must be 19 years of age or older.

This particular extracurricular activity is ideal for those who want to become more involved in Vancouver's community events. Volunteers can also bring their partners to city sporting events, music shows, fairs and marketplaces. They may even meet professionals who know of exciting job opportunities that they may qualify for down the road.

Students who are interested in a career as an Addictions and Community Services Worker in Vancouver can enroll at CDI College. For more information on related programs, fill out the form on the right.

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