Event Planning Courses Prep Students to Launch Event Coordinator Careers

June 17, 2010 | British Columbia

Don't Fake It 'Til You Make It; take event planning courses

Richmond, BC - June 17, 2010 - The world of events is exciting and rewarding but this fast-paced industry can be stressful for the inexperienced planner. That's why event planning courses are important for those interested in becoming an event coordinator.

Take a look at just a few things you'll learn at event planning school:

  1. Well-rounded guidance in all aspects of events. Even if you were born with a knack for putting together creative table centerpieces, you may still need additional training on HR management skills or event staging.

  2. Event planning courses give valuable networking opportunities. Whether the plan is to start an events company from scratch or to join the team of a well-established company, the teachers are a wealth of knowledge and fellow classmates become future colleagues, and therefore, perfect sounding boards for advice and vendor information.

  3. Provides a solid knowledge base, and confidence, to pursue a variety of opportunities at anyevent planning company.

  4. Cheesy as it sounds, event planning school can present you with the "gift of friends for life". The classmates who are reclining in the desks next to you will be there through the stress of exams and the celebration of success, all while sharing a passion for events. Never underestimate the power of friends.  One can never have enough.

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