Event Planners Should Always Be Prepared

March 5, 2010 | British Columbia

Event management experience helps put out fires before they're even set

Vancouver, BC - March 5, 2010 - Whether they donned brown shorts and a sash covered with badges in boy scouts or not, most people are familiar with the term "be prepared".  This quote could not ring truer for an event planner, as it is pertinent to be able to predict and put out the flames of a potential disaster before they even happen.

While it's often impossible to ensure an event will run 100% smoothly, there are some common issues to keep under your hat when going over the final details of an upcoming soiree. Similar to the movie "Wedding Crashers", uninvited guests often show up, especially at lavish affairs, which immediately creates an issue with the numbers originally given to the caterers or bar staff. Sometimes the weather forecaster is duped and it's pouring rain on the morning of an outdoor summer BBQ party.

Before any big event, sit down and go over any potential disasters and the steps that can be taken to avoid them. Make a schedule of responsibilities for staff; the times that all vendors will be arriving, and if possible, even do a dry run of the day.

If extra guests might be an issue, ensure that the caterers prepare a few more hors d'oeurves to be passed around or be confident that they have the capacity to do so on short notice. If the constant sunny weather is just too good to be true, research local tenting companies or have a Plan B indoor event venue ready to book. 

Remember - most disasters can be avoided with a little preparation, organization, and practice. CDI College offers event planning career training with its Event Coordinator and Management diploma program.


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