Event Planners Gear Up for Holiday Season

October 15, 2009 | British Columbia

Event Coordinator and Management program preps grads to be leaders behind the scenes

Vancouver, BC - October 15, 2009 - From awards ceremonies and industry galas to corporate retreats and holiday parties, another busy season for event coordinators is about to begin. As companies gear up for year-end conferences and holiday celebrations, they look to event planning professionals to select locations, organize menus and oversee the preparation that will make their events run smoothly. For those interested in a career in event planning, CDI College offers an Event Coordinator and Management diploma.

With all of the minute details that event planning involves, it's easy to lose perspective. Successful event coordinators are able to think on their feet when it comes to the small stuff, without taking their eyes off the ultimate goal, says Jamie Murphy, an event planner and executive assistant in Vancouver.

"Stay focused on the big picture," says Murphy. "Of course, there will be a thousand little details that need to be looked after, but the one thing I remind myself each time I put an event together is, 'If it takes longer to write something down than to do it, then just do it.'"

Murphy, who has coordinated a wide range of events, including school graduations, corporate functions, sporting events and diplomatic galas, says good event coordinators also need to draw on their organizational and communication skills. Quite often, this means multi-tasking and delegating specific responsibilities to key people on their teams, especially when the coordinator is involved in managing multiple events.

"It's all about working behind the scenes and being organized," adds Murphy "but it can be a lot of fun. You also get a tremendous sense of satisfaction watching the event you've planned run smoothly, which, in the end, is a testament to your hard work and skills."

To prepare them for careers in event planning, students in the Event Coordinator and Management diploma program at CDI College learn about event staging, marketing and risk management. Students will also have the opportunity to plan and stage an event in the final weeks of coursework before heading out to a practicum placement to gain on-the-job experience. Full details of the Event Coordinator and Management diploma program available by filling out the form to your right.


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