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July 21, 2010 | British Columbia

An LPN's duties depend on the health care setting they work in

Richmond, BC - July 21, 2010 - LPNs face a wide variety of tasks working in nursing homes, and must constantly be aware of their direct daily responsibilities. An LPN in a nursing home not only has responsibilities in caring for the physical needs of patients, but also the emotional ones. Here are just a few of the day-to-day tasks of LPNs in long term care facilities.

LPN Duties

Each day at a nursing home, LPNs must assist clients with personal hygiene, including full and partial assistance. Another important duty of the LPN is assisting with physical therapy as directed by the physiotherapist. It is extremely important for elderly clients to complete range of motion exercises, within the boundaries of their health, to ensure adequate blood flow, to strengthen their heart, and to increase overall wellness.

Medication Administration

One of the biggest roles for Licensed Practical Nurses in a long term care facility is medication administration. As the elderly client ages, some can become forgetful and forget about taking their medication. LPNs administer medication regularly and ensure client safety in medication administration and adherence.

Overall Role of an LPN

LPNs must be experts in critical thinking, and they must consider all aspects of the client's health and how they are related. Older clients have a multitude of health issues and the LPN must be keen to these so they can help make their clients as comfortable as possible.

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