Dental Assistants Have a Diverse Array of Employment Options

November 3, 2011 | British Columbia

Healthcare continues to be one of the fastest-growing industries across the country, and while the need for trained physicians and nurses is widely reported, the country is also in need of talented dental assistants. Yet while students enrolled in healthcare courses at colleges across the Great White North may imagine themselves working at a local dental clinic, a recent article on showcases one of the many alternative routes to employment in the dental industry.

REACH Community Health Centre is a small dental clinic that provides cleanings and operations to the people of Vancouver on a fee-for-service basis. Unlike more traditional clinics, however, REACH offers substantial discounts to its clientele and even provides subsidies for those of lesser means.

"We work with people, regardless of the money they've got, to give them excellent care," REACH Executive Director Madeline Boscoe told Straight. "That's our mission, and we want to make sure everybody’s included in that."

Students that are looking to make a difference in their community by pursuing a career as a dental assistant can begin the process by enrolling in healthcare courses at CDI College.

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