Creative Ways to Make Money for College

April 13, 2010 | British Columbia

CDI College highlights creative ways to raise funds for college tuition

Vancouver, BC - April 13, 2010 - You've been accepted into your diploma program, now you just need to figure out how to pay for your college tuition. Like many students, you've probably been dreaming up get-rich-quick schemes to make money for college.

Have no fear. With a little creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, you'll earn the money for college tuition, and maybe even a little bit more! Here are a few ideas that may help inspire you:

Start a bottle drive - Bottle drives aren't just reserved for Girl Guides and sports teams. You can really make some serious cash out of disposing of other people's waste. Most people are too lazy to take their cans to the depot for cash, so take the initiative to round up your friend's and family's empties for some quick money towards your college tuition!

Exploit your talents - Are you a good writer, fast typer, biligual or a math whiz kid? Whatever your talent, why not put it to use to try and earn some cash? Post ads at your local library or school, comb through ads on Craigslist or throw it out to the Twitterverse and offer up your services for a reasonable fee. Contract gigs are the perfect way to earn a little extra money for college when you have time between studying and sleeping!

Throw a Fundraiser  - Utilize your network of friends, family and colleagues. A fun venue, good music, attention-grabbing poster and a Facebook invite can go a long way. You could even get a bunch of your college classmates in on the event to make it even more successful!

Set up a donation page - If everyone in your community donated $1 to your fund, they'd pay for your college tuition and then some. Think about it - people are likely to support you if they know it's going to a good cause, like your college tuition.

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