Creative Team Building Ideas for Corporate Events

March 26, 2010 | British Columbia

Event coordinators can bring fresh ideas to team building exercises

Vancouver, BC - March 26, 2010 - On the popular TV show, "The Amazing Race", couples, friends, and siblings compete in a race that takes them all around the world, vying to be first across the finish line for the ultimate prize - $1 million dollars! Along the way, the teams are forced to work together, a feat that sometimes proves to be more difficult than the actual task at hand. 

Similar communication breakdowns can also happen in an office environment when employees with different personality traits are put together to work on a project or to resolve an issue with a client. To help build on communication and group skills, many employers instigate mandatory team building activities to bring their employees closer and help them form better working relationships.  However, as beneficial as these exercises are, they also tend to feel like an extension of their work day. That's when an event coordinator can help spice things up.

To help make the experience elicit a few more smiles, event coordinators can use the Amazing Race as an example and suggest the employer create a fun team-building journey of their own. 

By placing employees in teams of two and having them complete several activities throughout the city, team building becomes something fun that everyone will want to participate in.

Some creative activities include selling hot dogs at a road-side stand or accumulating enough tickets at the Kids Only aHCAde on Granville Island to win a prize! 

At the end of the day, the employees will not only have picked up the secrets behind a perfect ball toss score, but also how to work together more efficiently and effectively. An event coordinator has the ability to make corporate team building an unforgettable event that will bring the client back year after year.

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