CDI Dental Students Ace Qualifying Exam

August 17, 2009 | British Columbia

Burnaby, BC - August 17, 2009 - The Intra-Oral Dental Assistant class at CDI College Burnaby has a lot to be proud of. The entire class scored 100% on the National Dental Assisting Exam (NDAEB), bringing them 6% above the national average.

"This group of dental students has the maturity and the drive to succeed," says Agnes Yngson, Dental Department Head at CDI College Burnaby. "The high passing mark that we require of our students help them excel at the NDAEB exam.  Our program's required average to pass is 75% whereas the national passing mark varies from 60-68%."

CDI dental students continuously maintain high standards, with the past six graduating classes having scored 100% on the NDAEB.

"The CDI dental program is very intense and has a solid curriculum which is continuously evolving and being upgraded to keep up with the demand of the dental profession," said Yngson. "Most, if not all of our graduates, get hired during their practicum. This sums up the kind of professionals that graduate from our college."

After passing the NDACB, the graduates of the Intra Oral Dental Assistant program are now certified dental assistants who are qualified to work in dental offices across the country. Dental assistants work one-on-one with dentists, helping them perform a variety of task from teeth cleaning to dental x-rays.

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