CDI College Practical Nursing Program Using iPads

November 30, 2010 | British Columbia

Pilot project aims to enrich learning experience for nursing students

Richmond, BC - November 30, 2010 - Students at CDI College in Richmond are trading their pens and notebooks for something a little more exciting in the classroom: iPads equipped with electronic course textbooks and a suite of educational web-based instructional portals. In the pursuit of staying at the forefront of technology, CDI College has launched a pilot project for its Practical Nursing students with the aim of enhancing their learning experience through a new form of instructional delivery.

The changing technology in the healthcare profession is one reason why the Practical Nursing program was targeted for this pilot project. Students who are hoping to work in the healthcare field will face many challenges and benefits of advanced technology. By introducing them to a new way of learning, CDI instructors will help students bring their iPad learning experiences and skills into a workplace that increasingly relies on technology for medical references and diagnostic tools.

"The iPads have WiFi capabilities that allow learners to study, take e-notes and review course materials not only in the classroom and on campus, but anywhere, any time," says Bohdan Bilan, Vice President of Academics at CDI College. "As a result, students will become comfortable and familiar with technology as a tool for education and healthcare services."

The expected success of the iPad pilot program will eventually spread to other CDI College campuses across the country.

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