CDI College Launches Optimal Resume Service

February 2, 2012 | British Columbia

Students and grads can now build and share resumes with potential employers online

Vancouver, BC – February 2, 2012 – CDI College has teamed with Optimal Resume, an online resume building service, for student and alumni use free of charge. Starting February 1, 2012, students will be able to use the service to easily create, customize and distribute resumes, as well as build interactive personal resume websites that can be shared with prospective employers.

With Optimal Resume’s services, students and alumni have access to a user-friendly tool that allows them to log-in and create, present, manage and share their professional credentials from almost anywhere. Using step-by-step instructions and intuitive examples, users will be able to construct an unlimited number of career documents and manage them all from a central location.

The service also includes career exploration tools, action words, automatic spell checking, and a range of styling options that allow users to build each resume with the best presentation possible. The service also allows users to easily share their credentials on Twitter and LinkedIn.

“This tool will make it easier for our students and alumni to build a professional looking resume in less time,” says Dean Tremain, National Director of Career Services at CDI College. “It also allows them to use social media and online presentations to market themselves to a broader employer base.”

Tremain points out that the new service also illustrates CDI College’s ongoing commitment to graduate success, especially in an age where recruiting efforts are constantly evolving.

“We continue to invest in the future success of our grads by providing them with access to a program that prepares them for the modern job market,” he adds.

The resume builder service is now available through Career Services and is free to all students who are currently enrolled at CDI College, as well as alumni across the country. To learn more about Career Services and other programs at CDI College, fill out the form on the right.

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