CDI College Launches Medical Laboratory Assistant Program in Abbotsford

March 24, 2011 | British Columbia

Market-demand spurs campus to launch new program

Abbotsford, BC – March 24, 2011 – CDI College is now offering the well-regarded Medical Laboratory Assistant program at CDI College Abbotsford campus.

Medical lab assistants play crucial roles within the health care system. Doctors and other medical professionals rely on them to collect blood samples, process specimens and, in some cases, perform electrocardiograms (ECGs). Their work requires a high-degree of accuracy, so they need to be detail-oriented and strictly follow procedures. This means that medical lab assistants must get the right training in order to perform on the job.

Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practice, CDI students learn the fundamentals of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology and chemistry, as well as quality assurance, laboratory math, safety and aseptic techniques. They also participate in an outside clinical placement, which gives them the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge and gain practical experience in a medical lab environment.

CDI College is currently accepting applications for the Medical Laboratory Assistant program in Abbotsford. For more information, fill out the information request form on your right.  

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