CDI College Holds Summer Blood Drives Across the Country

August 24, 2011 | British Columbia

Staff and students participate in blood drives for fourth consecutive year

Toronto, ON – July 5, 2012 – CDI College campuses across the country will participate in blood drives this summer to help save the lives.

Blood donation is a cause that is close to the hearts of those at CDI College. In 2010, Addictions and Community Services Worker student, Chantelle Chornoby, lost her battle with cancer.  Staff and students were fierce supporters of the need for both blood and bone marrow donation during Chantelle’s fight with cancer and the college continues to show their support through annual blood drives.

This summer, campuses in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec will once again take part in this important cause. Did you know that someone involved in a car accident will often need up to 50 units of blood? Or that the average leukemia patient needs eight units of blood per week? Individually we may not be able to save a life, but as a community we can make a difference.  

According to Canadian Blood Services, blood and blood components are used to treat a number of injuries and illnesses, including various forms of cancer, hip and joint surgery, transplants, trauma patients such as car accident victims, patients with blood disorders, and many others. CDI College is proud to continue its support of both Canadian Blood Services and Hema Quebec.

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