CDI College Dental Assisting grads get high marks

December 2, 2020 | British Columbia

Future dental assistants from CDI College made their mark on national certification exams in September.

The graduates from the Burnaby and Surrey campuses had a 100% passing rate on the National Dental Assisting Examining Board (NDAEB) test in September. Their marks were an average of 13% above the passing score, and 4% higher than the results for national first-time exam takers.

"Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic that prompted modifications to the landscape of the CDI College Dental Assisting curriculum, the September NDAEB results proved the exceptional quality of the Burnaby and Surrey graduates," said Agnes Arevalo, National Dental Program Head, CDI College.

"The outstanding NDAEB stats are also credited to the dedicated and high-caliber dental instructors who proved their tenacity by creating a virtual learning environment without compromising the quality of the instruction."

To assess readiness to enter the profession, the exam covers scientific knowledge, clinical procedures, patient care, and other core topics.

As part of a dental office team, dental assistants handle duties such as preparing treatment rooms and patients. They also instruct patients on oral care, perform infection control procedures, and prepare and manipulate dental materials.

The College of Dental Surgeons of BC registers and licenses certified dental assistants.

While training in CDI College's Dental Assisting program, the graduates received hands-on training from industry-experienced instructors. They also completed practicums placements in real-world dental workplaces.

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