Career Choice Enables Practitioners to Work With People From All Walks of Life

January 15, 2010 | British Columbia

Rehabilitation Assistant program at CDI College provides excellent introduction to the field

Surrey, BC - January 15, 2010 - Career opportunities in the healthcare industry are expected to flourish the coming years, and a number of assisting occupations, such as Rehabilitation Assistants (RAs) are expected to lead the way. Anyone looking to enter this lucrative field can turn to the Rehabilitation Assistant diploma program at CDI College.

"Rehabilitation Assistant is a very rewarding career choice," says Cher Sayuno, a Rehabilitation Assistant instructor at CDI's campus in Surrey, BC. "RAs work with all types of people from all walks of life. They assist patients with treatment and take part in each step of their recovery."

Rehabilitation Assistants may work with a wide range of clients, from children to the elderly. They may also assist patients with various treatments, such as stroke recovery and physiotherapy. RAs work under the direction and supervision of licensed qualified therapists and need to have a broad knowledge base about human development and the human body. Students in the RA program learn about anatomy, biochemistry, body mechanics and physiology.

In addition, client care is emphasized in the program and there is strong focus on therapeutic exercise and use of advanced technological equipment. RA students also develop strong communication skills and record management abilities.

"Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential," adds Sayuno. "RAs should also be compassionate and committed to helping people reach their maximum potential."

CDI College is now taking applications for the Rehabilitation Assistant diploma program. For more information, visit the RA program page. Keep up-to-date with campus life and events at CDI on Facebook and Twitter.


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