British Columbia Hires More Young IT Professionals in 2012

January 23, 2012 | British Columbia

A recent survey conducted by online jobsite reported that British Columbia is one region in the country adding an increased number of workers in the information technology field in 2012. According to the report, the number of employers planning to add to full-time staff in the coming year has increased by two percent. The new workers, particularly those who specialize in IT, will hopefully increase efficiency claims CareerBuilder president Brent Rasmussen in the Vancouver Sun.

In agreement with the survey results, Darren Butterworth, an independent recruiter based in Vancouver, states that the fast-paced city does not rely solely on traditional industries such as insurance and banking. Software developers and telecommunications "seems to be Vancouver's niche," he stated.

The speed that technology has advanced in the past decade has created an industry environment that is constantly changing and adapting. Employers must create jobs as new needs are born, and most leading companies of today are no more than five years old. In an effort to keep up with the latest advances in technology and their younger competitors, seasoned companies are seeking fresh college graduates with knowledge of the latest IT trends to maintain a coveted spot within the industry.

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