Beautiful Backyard Weddings

March 12, 2010 | British Columbia

Wedding planning tips for organizing outdoors nuptials

Richmond, BC - March 12, 2010 - When planning a backyard wedding with a couple, there are many considerations to keep in mind above and beyond the question of "shall we hold the ceremony in front of or beside our childhood swing set".

Some important questions that should be answered early on in the planning stages include investigating what flowers will be blooming in the season the wedding will be taking place. Working with nature's colour scheme is an easy way to help choose what shade the table linens or bridesmaid dresses sould be.  And if the area is already surrounded by gardens in full bloom, all the better! The work of the florist is almost done! 

While it may be enjoyable working in a venue where the decorations are more playful and organic than an indoor reception hall, there can be a few potential obstacles that must be addressed:

  1. Will there be enough street parking available for the guests? It is always best to avoid making the guests walk a mile to get to a wedding location. If this may be an issue, consider hiring a valet service.

  2. Is the home suited for a wedding? If the wedding day looks like it could be a rainy one, the couple must make a decision beforehand whether they would prefer a tented backyard or simply move the wedding indoors.

  3. Many guests will assume that a backyard wedding means that their sky-high stiletto shoes must stay at home for fear the heels will get stuck in the grass. However, if there's room in the budget, it may be worthwhile to rent a wooden dance floor or carpet to make the event run as smooth as possible.

  4. And last but not least, don't forget the bug spray!


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