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December 3, 2010 | British Columbia

Even on a budget, you can get your loved ones some great holiday gifts

Vancouver, BC - December 3, 2010 - Everyone knows that college are sometimes strapped for cash and gift giving for the holidays can sometimes put a dent in the budget. Here are a few budget friendly gift ideas for students that family and friends will love.

DIY Holiday Gifts

Homemade gifts for the holidays doesn't have to mean fancy construction paper cards. If you have checked your list of people you need to purchase gifts for, it may be helpful to group everyone by family. Consider putting together a holiday gift basket that includes something inexpensive for each member of the family. Do the adults enjoy coffee? Throw in a couple decorative coffee cups. Children usually enjoy holiday treats, throw put on your apron and bake up a bunch of holiday cookies to add to the basket.

Gift Cards

Sometimes you can get a discount on gift cards or gift certificates by buying a bunch at one time, which you can give as gifts per family or per person, depending upon the amount you have in your budget. Gift cards for coffee shops or restaurants are extremely useful gifts, as oftentimes people don't get the opportunity to treat themselves to a fancy coffee or a meal out.

Most Affordable Gift Ideas

No cash at all for gifts this year? Why not volunteer your time in the form of coupons or a note in a card. Family members and friends will love the offer for extra help, especially after the holidays. Students also make great tutors for younger children. Your time and assistance in helping a third grader pass their spelling test could end up being an invaluable gift. Also consider offering babysitting services to allow the adults a night out.

Do you have any good affordable gift ideas? Share them with us!

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