100% Passing Rates for Practical Nursing Grads

October 17, 2014 | British Columbia

Grads from CDI College in Surrey shine as exam results are unveiled

Twenty Practical Nursing graduates at CDI College in Surrey earned a 100% pass rate on the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE) this fall. Grads also scored higher than the national average for first-time exam writers, with the Surrey class beating the national average score by 9%!

The CPNRE is a national exam that is one of the steps most jurisdictions use for provincial registration. The purpose of the exam is to protect the public by ensuring that the entry-level practical nurse possesses the competencies required to practice safely and effectively. Grads who pass the exam have one year from the notification of their exam results to apply for registration with the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of British Columbia (CLPNBC).

Although, scoring a perfect pass rate on the CPNRE is quite a feat, it is not uncommon for CDI College grads to do so since our students from our Surrey, Richmond and Vancouver campuses have obtained 100% pass rates on the exam four different times since 2010. These results have certainly helped establish the Practical Nursing program’s reputation and high standards. Achieving such scores is definitely a testament to the quality of education and training provided by CDI College’s instructors. It also speaks volumes about the dedication and commitment of the Practical Nursing graduates from our different campuses.

There is no doubt that our twenty successful graduates will apply for registration as soon as possible and start their career shortly. So, congratulations to everyone – staff and grads – for their hard work and all the best in your future endeavors!

As a reminder, the 75-week Practical Nursing program at CDI College is designed to train high caliber, knowledgeable, competent and accountable practical nurses who will be able to work in collaboration with other members of the healthcare team. The curriculum provides students with multiple learning opportunities to develop, integrate, and demonstrate knowledge, skill, and judgment that are translated into superior reflective practice that meet all competencies and standards set out by the CLPNBC.

Practical nurses treat health conditions, promote health, prevent illness and assist patients to achieve optimal levels of health and wellness. For more information on how to enroll in CDI College’s Practical Nursing program, click here or call 1-800-675-4392.

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