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August 18, 2010 | Ontario


Toronto, ON - August 18, 2010 - Paying for school comes at a price, but pursing a well-rounded career training program will provide you with the technical and communications skills you need to stand out among the rest of the competition and start living the life you want. 

There's no reason to let the cost of heading back to school overwhelm you. Use these tips to pay off your student loan debt before it has a chance to accumulate.

Student Loan Payments

  • Make paying off student loans a monthly priority. Every time you receive a paycheck, apply a portion of it to the principal balance. Try paying more than the minimum amount.

  • Keep your living expenses as low as possible until you have paid the balance.  Living beyond your means will only add more debt, leaving you with more anxiety.

  • Sell old textbooks on, or to your new college classmates.

  • Offer tutoring sessions to other students in the class while in school. Any extra money can help you stay on track with your monthly budget

  • It's time to get creative and brainstorm alternative ways to make extra money. Use the skills you developed in training to make money to pay down your student loan. If you studied business, look for ways to supplement your income. If you enjoy writing, search the internet for freelance writing and editing jobs you can do in your spare time. If you enjoy graphic design or animation work, conduct a Google search and look for freelance or part time design work in the evenings.  Working a couple extra hours per week will pay off in the long term.

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