Today's Nurses Transform the Traditional Career Mold

February 20, 2012 | Ontario

Today, practical nurses work in acute care hospitals, community care agencies and other settings to help those in need. While the traditional practical nursing role is still an essential element of the healthcare system, the field of nursing itself is in transition.

"It's wide open for [nurses]. There are so many possibilities in terms of roles," stated Cathy Crowe to The Kingston Whig Standard. Crowe is a nurse, educator and author from Toronto.

One of the primary roles of a nurse is to act as an advocate for each individual patient. In Crowe's experience, this could mean monitoring food banks or ensuring that child in a homeless shelter receive medical attention. The trend of helping people who are often overlooked is a growing phenomenon among nurses in many Canadian cities. Crowe also talked about the number of emails she has received from students who wish for information on projects involving local healthcare or reducing homelessness. She added that one nurse even began writing an anonymous blog about an emergency room.

Practical nurses may be employed in a wide-range of healthcare roles, from acute and long-term care to public health and community clinics. Those looking to start this rewarding healthcare career can enroll in the Practical Nursing program at CDI College. To begin, fill out the form on the right.

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