Tech Talent Needed Across Canada, Report Shows

March 8, 2013 | Ontario

Canada is heating up as one of the prime destinations worldwide for tech recruiters and workers, according to reports from Randstad Technologies. Many information technology (IT) organizations with branches across the globe are aiming to expand the Canadian arm of their businesses, and fortunately for IT students, that means they could see an influx of more job opportunities.

"Until recently we were seeing a brain drain, but now there is a growing flow of candidates from the U.S. into Canada as well as applicants from countries facing more financial uncertainty than Canada," Mike Winterfield, president of Randstad's IT hiring division of recruiters in Toronto, told The Globe and Mail.

Many of these top recruiters advise that students in the IT sector should continue to develop their skills even after they have landed a job, as it is a crucial way to stay on top of the job market. While their current skills might be all they need to complete their present jobs efficiently, a more rewarding position may be waiting for them down the road. In order to land the new role, their skills have to be up to date.

According to the reports by Randstad and data from employment database, software developers, systems administrators, network engineers and programmers are some of the top professionals that IT recruiters are looking for across Canada.

Students who are taking courses based in Toronto and other tech hubs in Canada are competing not only with fellow Canadian classmates for the top jobs in their field, but with international students as well. Applicants from the U.S., England and India have been recruited to Canada by Randstad, so students hailing from the Great White North should make sure to stay current with the latest tech trends and beat the global competition.

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