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August 13, 2013 | Ontario

TORONTO, ON - For some students, finding the right career is easy. They've known what they want to do since they were young, and now all they need to do is earn an education that prepares them for the field and make connections along the way. Regardless of your career of choice, CDI College Business Technology Healthcare can benefit from the assistance of experienced professionals and teachers who are aware of the types of opportunities available that might appeal to each young adult. While in school or upon graduation, students can seek help from the College's Career Services specialists at any time.

Polish the Resume

Resumes are one of their most powerful tools in the job search process. This document chronicles their life experiences, particularly those that relate to their desired career path. Individuals who are considering a career in the oil and gas sector can start to consider how they might increase their chances of appealing to the right recruiters by thinking about volunteer and part-time job opportunities. Students can consider shadowing different workers in their field of choice to get a taste of what these various positions might be like on a daily basis.

Add Volunteer Work

Volunteer experiences are a great addition to a professional resume. They have generally the same impact as work history, except some hiring managers may appreciate the fact that volunteers have taken the time to give back to the community by offering their services pro bono, even if it is simply completing clerical work in a business office.

Make Connections

The Career Services office is not just filled with people who can help students find jobs - it is a centre brimming with professional connections who could benefit a person's career path for years to come. While it may not seem crucial at the time, one connection with another adult could be the difference of whether or not the professional finds out about that perfect business administration position at a local office in Calgary.

Students can take advantage of Career Services at CDI College for help on the job hunt whether they're enrolled in business, healthcare, technology, legal studies, or any other program. For more information about CDI College's Ontario campuses or its key performance indicators such as rates of graduation, employment, or others, click here.

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