Mississauga campus launching Medical Lab Assistant/Technician program

August 9, 2017 | Ontario

Become a medical lab technician in less than a year - learn the scientific, mathematical, and laboratory skills you'll need to succeed in the field!


The field of medicine is more than doctors and nurses - an invisible army of technicians and specialists work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure frontline medical professionals have all the information they need to help you remain in peak health.

CDI College’s new Medical Lab Assistant/Technician program provides the needed hands-on training to join that invisible army in less than a year.

“The combination of experienced instructors and well-equipped labs are what sets this program apart,” says Oday al-Ubaidi, an instructor in the Medical Lab Assistant/Technician program. “Our labs also have the best biosafety cabinets, providing a high level of protection to our students when they’re working with blood, urine, and biological samples.”

Working with delicate samples requires specific and thorough training, and with CDI College’s small class sizes, you’ll receive the one-on-one attention from instructors needed to prepare you for a career working in a medical laboratory.

“We limit the number of students in the program to make sure we can provide the best training and study environment,” he said. “This way, students will have enough time to practice the laboratory exercises and procedures, as well as being familiar with sample collection process.”

In addition to picking up soft skills like data entry, customer service, presentation, and teamwork, you’ll also get training in important lab work skills, including clinical chemistry, laboratory microbiology, hematology, and immunohematology.

“Getting these lab work skills in the classroom will help familiarize students with the medical laboratory environment and ensure they are prepared to enter the workforce,” he said.

You’ll gain an understanding of essential lab work skills, including phlebotomy procedures, taking body fluid samples and tissue, preparing lab reagents and stains, tracing electrocardiograms (ECGs) and Holter monitors, urinalysis, and clinical pathology.

The Medical Lab Assistant/Technician program is certified by the Ontario Society of Medical Technologists (OSMT), and program graduates are eligible to write the OSMT examination, which if passed, gives you the Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technologist designation, which is a requirement to work in some Ontario laboratories.

“We are happy to provide free review sessions before the OSMT certificate exam with graduating students,” al-Ubaidi said.

CDI College is accepting registrations for the Medical Lab Assistant/Technician program at our Mississauga campus now. Learn more by calling 1.800.370.5155 or apply today.


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