Google Canada and Communitech Unite to Support Tech Startups

March 20, 2013 | Ontario

When Google announces a new partnership, it often leads to increased attention and interest in the particular company, and this time, its new venture with Canada's Communitech will provide a whole new surge of job opportunities for information technology students.

Startups are born
The main goal of this new professional relationship is to create more space for tech experts to innovate and collaborate together. Startup companies in their early stages can take advantage of this new space and turn to Google Canada workers for advice.

"At Google, we are dedicated to supporting Canadian technology entrepreneurship to help mentor and grow a new generation of successful Canadian-led technology companies," said Steve Woods, Google Canada's director of engineering. "Startups fuel innovation and play a key role in growing Canada's digital economy - that's why it's critically important to nurture the amazing entrepreneurial talent here as a way of growing our startup community."

Generous support
According to Digital Home, startups that get accepted into this program, called Hyperdrive, receive $50,000 to start off a three-month development program, and if the initial start is successful, an additional $150,000 will be given to fund the company over an 18-month period.

Students who are given the chance to participate in this environment can receive business and tech advice from Google advisers, and ultimately grow their professional network, as well as their knowledge within the field.

Rapid growth across the country
The incubator space is only one example of how the technology sector is rapidly growing throughout Ontario and other provinces across Canada. Today's students can benefit from pursuing an education in areas like programming or networking, as well as exposing themselves to opportunities with the region's top technology firms.

When students have found their calling in the world of IT, they can find top-notch tech programs and hone their professional skills in required practicum placements that many schools include in their curriculum, like CDI College. By immersing themselves in an authentic workplace, students are better preparing for opportunities down the road like Google's and Communitech's incubator. The world of technology is only going to get larger, so students should make sure to be ready to develop their skills and ultimately launch their careers to the next level.

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