Canadian Government Invests in Science and Technology Fields

January 30, 2012 | Ontario

The federal government has recently contributed significant funds to the science and technology fields to help improve the economy in Northumberland, Ontario and other regions, according to a report by the Northumberland View.

"Our government is investing in science and technology to create good jobs, strengthen the economy and improve Canadians' quality of life," said Member of Parliament Rick Norlock.

The next phase of the government's Economic Action Plan granted $80 million over the course of three years to the Industrial Research Assistance Program to help colleges and small-to-medium-sized businesses collaborate on projects that will improve information and communications technologies for companies and prepare young students for their aspiring careers in the IT industry.

The government's apparent support of new technologies shows that the future of IT may be promising for those about to enter the field. According to Norlock, the region's officials "are supporting Canadian firms that successfully develop innovative technologies and helping businesses bring those new ideas into the marketplace."

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