Canada Needs Skilled IT Professionals

February 1, 2012 | Ontario

Finding the right candidates for the job has become a main concern for employers in the information technology field. According to experts, IT is one of the jobs of the future, significantly contributing to the number of new jobs that have appeared in the country over the past few months.

Geoff Bagg, CEO of The Bagg Group, one of Toronto's leading staffing agencies, talked about the difficulties of finding qualified candidates that meet most, if not all, of an employer's criteria with the Toronto Star recently.

"You keep hearing everybody's out of work. And then you talk to companies and they say they can't find people. There's obviously a bit of a gap between what the market is demanding and what the labour pool is providing," Bagg stated.

According to Bagg, the ideal candidate possesses the right background in technology, good communication skills and project management experience. The privileged few who have all three qualities "are getting multiple offers."

According to the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Skills Training, professionals with college training have the greatest odds on their side, as a job growth study predicted that they would land 35% of the province's new jobs.

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