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Algonquin College in Toronto has partnered with CDI College to offer an innovative approach to post-secondary education in Canada for International students. Algonquin College programs will be delivered by CDI College at campuses in the Greater Toronto Area. Students who complete an Algonquin College program of study through CDI College will graduate with an Algonquin College credential. This program delivery model provides the perfect opportunity to leverage Algonquin College’s reputable experiential and theoretical learning all while enjoying Canada’s largest metropolitan area. 


Available programs include:

  • Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Computer Programming
  • Interactive Media Design
  • International Business Management
  • Project Management
  • Web Development and Internet Applications

For more information on the programs available, campus locations, and start dates, visit:



Orientation Services


CDI College provides an onboarding program for all of its new students, which includes friendly guides, orientation videos and presentations, campus tours, on-call technical support, and a dedicated team of individuals to bring students onboard.


Live, virtual pre-arrival orientations will be available on select campuses for students to ask questions and become acquainted with the process.


Once registered, an orientation course for international students will be available in the Learning Management System and will cover success strategies and key information regarding life in Canada. This orientation will be offered at the beginning of every semester at designated intervals, for all international students.


CDI College will also offer ongoing webinars for international students and virtual support from our international student services team.


Students can contact at any time for additional support.


Housing Support Services


As an international student you will be responsible for confirming your rental accommodations before your arrival in Ontario. CDI College does not offer student housing.


You will have access to a Housing Support Coordinator who will provide you with information on accommodation options. For information on accommodations in the area, please refer to the list below.

Additional information about renting in Ontario can be found here:

There are a number of tools available to help you plan your budget and estimate your cost of living including:

For questions, please email


Student Services

Academic Accessibility Services

CDI College offers equal learning opportunities for people of all skills and abilities. Academic accommodations for students with disabilities are available as needed to support student success.


Students must disclose their disability and complete a Learning Accommodation Request Form. Once reviewed, the student will meet with the Campus Director or designate to discuss accommodation requests, which are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


For any questions are concerns, students can contact


Academic Advising and Student Success

CDI College provides access to resources to support academic success. This includes study spaces such as a dedicated student lounge and the campus Learning Centre, which is equipped with computers, software, and other tools to help with assignments.


Instructional resources are available in the form of office hours.  Additional support can be arranged if required. CDI College support staff are also available to provide options for counselling and wellness programs if necessary.  


For more information on academic advising and student success services, please email


Alumni Services

At CDI College, we offer an exclusive alumni community with access to industry insights, job opportunities, and career advancement strategies. We also offer a place to reconnect and network with former classmates on LinkedIn. CDI College alumni are also able to utilize our services with Resume Target for up to six months after graduation, which includes access to over 600 resume and cover letter templates.


For more information on connecting with alumni services, email


Career and Employment Services

CDI College’s Employment Services team is available to provide support to international students. The Employment Services team can provide assistance with resume building, interview preparation, and job sourcing. These services are available up to six months after graduation.


The Employment Services team can be reached at


Health Services and Insurance

As a full-time international student paying international student fees and studying at Algonquin College on a study permit, you are entitled to receive health insurance coverage. Health Insurance is included in your tuition as a full-time student. Your health insurance provider is – International Insurance.


For more information about your coverage, please go to
For general inquiries about your policy, you may email


For healthcare resources, please utilize the below links to find local healthcare facilities.


Immigration Support & International Students

Students come to CDI College to advance their education and prepare for career success. International students receive high-quality instruction while experiencing the many benefits of studying in Canada.  CDI College provides access to immigration advising to assist with immigration requirements.


Immigration advising provided by Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) include:

  • Study permit extension applications
  • Co-op or internship work permit applications
  • Replacements or amendments of temporary resident permits

RCIC certified staff are regulated by The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC)


Learning Resources/Library Services

Access to digital learning resources will be provided upon sign-in to the Learning Management System. 


For more details, read Algonquin College's FAQ or visit AC in Toronto's website


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