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July 22, 2009 | Manitoba

Health Care Aide Program Introduced at CDI College

Winnipeg, Manitoba - In 12 years, 20% of Manitoba's population will be over the age of 65 and over one-third will be 55+. This aging population will create a large and continuing demand for different services for seniors. The Province needs people to fill the jobs that go with it with qualified employees.

With this rising demand for qualified care providers, CDI College of Business, Technology, Health Care is proud to introduce the Health Care Aide Program for its Winnipeg College. We will be adapting it from successful programs in other provinces; this program will help meet the growing need for trained and accredited health care staff.

"This is a brand new program for our Winnipeg Campus which will provide hospitals, resident care homes, and community service providers in our community with high quality well trained employees." Tahl East, Director of the Winnipeg Campus said.

There is a growing trend in the industry for Health Care Aides to have formalized training with a college diploma or college level certification. The Job Profile from Human Resources Canada stated:

"A certificate from a recognized Health Care Aide Training program is increasingly becoming a requirement to work in this field. Acute care facilities, home care and personal care homes prefer a certificate and/or significant experience."

The expected growth for the Health Care Aide profession in Manitoba is expected to grow for reasons including:

  • The aging demographics in our population that require greater medical and home care
  • The shortage of nurses, in particular, Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Greater public sector investment, both in the recent past and more resources promised for increasing the future number of Health Care Aides

East said, "Our employer contacts in the Health Care Sector have been telling us that there is an acute staffing shortage for health care aides and personal care homes in particular."

CDI College is unveiling its new Health Care Aide program which offers a high quality training package that is over 700 hours including 240 hours of clinical practicum at an on-site health care provider.

"This is a strong program," East said, "We have an experienced Health Care Aide instructor leading the team, who is also an active Licensed Practical Nurse with strong experience as both a Health Care Aide instructor and a nursing professional."

Some of the courses in the new program include:

  • Palliative Care and Family Support
  • Special Needs including Cognitive Impairment and Mental Health
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Data Collection

Exclusive to the program is Certification in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, which costs $1000 on its own and the City of Winnipeg Food Handler Certificate which costs over $74 to obtain.

 "Our new facilities will have classroom training areas," East explained, "in addition to this there will be an equipped practical facility with a kitchen, bedroom and bathing area."

Before the program was submitted to the Provincial Government for approval, it was subjected to extensive employer consultation. Employer partners were able to say what skills they needed in order to have CDI College graduates become their solution.

"Based on what we learned from employers in the community," East said, "We were able to develop a Made in Manitoba curriculum. Our employer partners are now excitedly waiting for when they will be working with our students."

This new program is starting in August 2009 and currently has limited spaces available.

"If you, or someone you know, have been thinking about entering this exciting and growing field, call us or come in to see one of our fantastic admissions representatives. There are people, organizations and facilities waiting for you" says East.

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