New Mental Health Virtual Therapy Program in Manitoba

May 1, 2020 | Manitoba

While the post-secondary education experience is fast-paced and ever-changing, it can present challenges for individuals navigating it for the first time, and completely on their own. Now, during COVID-19, there are services available in which students can work through their concerns and any difficulties they’re currently facing.


The Government of Manitoba has recently launched a new mental health virtual therapy platform, AbilitiCBT, which is available to all residents of the province over the age of 16. AbilitiCBT is an Internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy (iCBT) platform that is delivered through a customized, digital app.


AbilitiCBT allows you to connect with a therapist and tackle issues such as the state of uncertainty, physical isolation, information overload, care for family and community members, and more. While uncovering these issues, the purpose of the iCBT is to reduce anxiety by learning cognitive behavioral therapy skills and to develop coping strategies to track and reduce anxiety and better manage daily activities.


Anxiety is an issue that many are facing due to the impacts of COVID-19. A recent study in 2016, by National College Health Association, found that eighteen percent of Canadian post-secondary students reported being diagnosed or treated professionally for anxiety.


Now, with this new virtual therapy platform, you can access mental health care and support from home, on your own personal device or tablet. Learn more about AbilitiCBT and how you can get started.

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