Manitoba Practical Nurses Abide by Provincial Code of Ethics

July 29, 2012 | Manitoba

Practical nurses throughout the country are responsible for making sure they research the guidelines of each province where they apply for jobs. From application stipulations, codes of ethics and exam requirements, each region of Canada varies on what it requires from its candidates. In Manitoba, practical nurses must uphold a strict set of principles at all times, on top of completing a particular list of requirements before being considered for the role.

According to the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba, nurses must accept responsibility and accountability for their own professional practice, as well as their physical and emotional wellness, promising that their proper health will enable them to provide safe nursing care to patients. In addition, maintaining an honest demeanor as they fulfill each responsibility is a necessity among all workers throughout the region.

Practical nurses also have the responsibility of using their knowledge, skills and judgement to meet the needs of their client, at times without the consultation of a colleague. Whether they are providing support and care to clients during their illness or assisting family members in making decisions for the patient, a practical nurse has a lifetime responsibility of offering the most sound clinical advice possible.

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